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Being a parent, you have to worry
about your child all the time, is that
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Life wide learning 终身學習

Become smart! 醒目D Learn to use AI 學習應用Al Conserve Resources 保護所有資源

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Study Chemistry, many successful examples. 修讀化學,成功案例多

What kind of value can they obtain? They have a beautiful life style which they can achieve what they want.

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No need to worry about money.不用為錢煩惱

Learn market structure, volume, Bollinger bands. 1% growth each day will result in 37 times in one year.

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Green Life and Conservation 

Hello, I am Miss Fung. I am a chemistry teacher of 38 years experience and a mother of two sons. I have witnessed the growth of children and the destruction of the environment by humans as well as the development of artificial intelligence. In my future video, I will provide suggestions on how to protect our resources and how to make use of artificial intelligence. If you want to maintain sustainable development for ourselves and our children, be sure to subscribe to my channel.


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